This project has been curated by Dr Nicola Thomas (University of Exeter), developed by Bow Software and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Below you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions which we hope will help you if your looking for further information.

Anyone buying a Devon Guild of Craftsmen piece of craft will be offered the opportunity to join the Craft Shelf at the point of purchase. We hope that this means that once the craft has left the shop, the conversation between collectors, makers and admirers can carry on.

You don't have to be a Craft Shelf user to view the craft shelves but in order to comment on a shelf or create your own shelf you need to own or have been given craft made by a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

If you have craft made by a Devon Guild of Craftsmen maker you can join the Craft Shelf. Use the contact form to tell us you would like to join the Craft Shelf, the name of your crafts maker and your full address and we will post you a Craft Shelf code and information on how to get started.

These are physidigi NFC (near field communication) tags. An NFC tag in the physidigi NFC (near field communication) tag sticker sends a data transmission to an NFC enabled smartphone or tablet. In the Craft Shelf app the data transmission tells the mobile device to open a web browser and go to www.craftshelf.co.uk. On the way it collects information from the physidigi platform which tells craftshelf that this is an authentic access code and prefills information about the name of the maker that made the craft. NFC technology is becoming increasingly popular, used for example in the London Underground Oyster cards and contactless payment bank cards. (Presently NFC is not available on Apple devices).

If you have a press inquiry, send us a message using the contact form quoting PRESS as a header.


  1. TAP the physidigi NFC (near field communication) tag NFC tag with a phone or tablet.
    (The web browser will say 'you are being redirected to the craftshelf' *)
  2. REGISTER - fill in your details.
  3. CLAIM TAG - give your craft a nickname.
  4. INSPIRE - you are now ready to make your first post click on the camera to add a picture or SKIP to view the site without adding a post.

* If your phone doesn't notice the NFC tag, the setting may be off OR your phone doesn't have NFC. Don't worry, go to our LOGIN/REGISTER PAGE, following steps 2 to 4 above, entering your crafts details from the grey boxes on the Craft Shelf postcard.

(You need to be REGISTERED to LOGIN). To LOGIN either tap your NFC tag or go to craftshelf.co.uk and LOGIN at the footer of the website.

Unless you log out or clear your browser cache the Craft Shelf will keep you logged in.

  1. When logged in you can make a post either by clicking INSPIRE or by clicking Add Post icon in the top right corner.
  2. In the post window if you have more than 1 craft item choose which piece of craft you want to post about using the drop down arrow.
  3. Click on Add Post icon to add a picture. The Craft Shelf image aspect ratio is square. The app uses a tool to compress a high resolution image into a smaller file that is web and mobile friendly. When the image is uploaded onto the Craft Shelf it crops the centre square of the image and this is the image that is saved and used in the post.
  4. Give your post a title.
  5. Say something about your post.
  6. The date will be set to the current date - you can change this by clicking in date box following the format dd/mm/yyyy.
  7. Select add Post or Cancel.

If you are logged in to the Craft Shelf you can edit your post by

  1. Clicking on the post to select it
  2. Clicking on the pencil = allows post to be edited
  3. Clicking on camera = allows selection of new image
  4. Clicking into fields = allows direct edit of text
  5. Clicking update = saves changes made
  6. Clicking on delete = deletes post

After you have made a post, you can share the post to Twitter or Facebook. Clicking on Twitter or Facebook will open the API tools for these social media sites. You can write your own tweet or Facebook post or go with the standard sentence "There's something new to view on my Craft Shelf. Why not take a look?". The last part of the standard post is the link back to your post on craftshelf.co.uk - altering this will void the link!

You can also share your post via social media using #mycraftshelfie

If you don't want to share the post, CLOSE the window and you will be back on your Craft Shelf.

Anyone registered with Craft Shelf can comment on posts. Click on the comments to add a comment. ADD COMMENT.

If Craft Shelf users ticked the box to be notified when others comment on their shelves they will receive an email notifying them of the comment. You can manage your notifications in YOUR ACCOUNT

There are over 250 makers in the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, over time we hope they will all have craft that can be seen on craft shelves. The homepage shows the latest craft posts that have been added to the site. By clicking on an image you can read more about that post and about whose shelf it sits on. If you want to see posts about craft that is made by a certain maker - type their name in the FILTER BY MAKER box above the craft post wall. If there are posts about craft related to that maker these will appear in the wall below.

If you move, change your name or pass your craft on to someone else in YOUR ACCOUNT then you can change your name, email, location and biography. You can also change your notification settings.

To change a password you need to enter your current password and then choose a new one and confirm. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long and are case sensitive.

The physidigi stickers can be stuck to your craft but please note they may not be removable and they are not washable!


You can find your tag id here:
Example flyer.

If your tag id has already been claimed on the system, it will not allow you to reuse it and register again. If you're not sure if you have already registered, why not check by trying to login.

If you still cannot register your tag please contact us and tell us the name of the Maker and your address and we'll send you a new tag out in the post.

You can view our video which shows you how to use Craft Shelf here.

Or you can come in with your craft flyer and tag and one of the shop team will show you how to make your first post, find our address here.

In YOUR ACCOUNT you can enter the new craft code where it says CLAIM A CRAFT CODE. You will then be asked to give it a nickname to make it easy to choose which craft you are posting about.

Your Craft Shelf will show your latest three posts, use the arrows next to the camera icon in the top right to scroll though previous posts and back to the most recent.

In your device settings check whether NFC is switched on. Depending on your device this is sometimes a sub menu of Sharing or Wireless or Networks.

A good source to check whether your phone has or hasn't got NFC is the NFC World Definitive list.

IPhone 6 and 6+ have NFC readers but at the present time the operating system does not allow third party systems to talk to their NFC reader.